Sport Employ YOUrope – Lo sport crea lavoro

ENGSO Youth present an European wide initiatives that promote youth-employment in and through the sport sector, and highlight the transferable skills that sport can develop. We are committed to implement actions in favour of improving the opportunities of employment for young people across Europe.

The main objectives are:

·       promote the development of sustainable networks, the exchange of best practices as well as the recognition of skills gained through non-formal education in sport sector enhancing the opportunity of employability of young people

·       promotes young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular

·       Promotes European cooperation in the youth field and sport

·       To stimulate Creativity, entrepreneurship and employability

·       To empower participation of young people


·       Create and strenghten partnership among different stakeholders all round Europe to support and empower youth employment in sport sector

·       Support recognition process of skills and competences gained through the sport sector (volunteering, sport activities,..) and non formal education

Draft Plan Action:

1.     First step – Research:

Preparatory meeting (to be held in Nice, France – same moment as ENGSO Gen.Assembly in order to simplify organisation/cost): it will gather 12 people (representatives from the partners: EUSA (Slovenia), Italy, ISCA (Denmark), EOSE (France) + Serbian representatives)

Local level future developments after the meeting:

o Interviews

o Data basket

o Best practices

2.     Second Step – Educate:

Seminar – (to be held in Rome, Italy) main aim is to recognize non-formal education as a tool to fight youth unemployment: via public call, seminar will gather 42 people (30 youth leaders, 12 NEETS) delegated from each partner organisation.

Toolkit – to support national project actions

3.     Third Step – Engage:

Delegates will create different awarness campaigns in each country:

o Responsible youth representatives (delegates from the seminar) in each country to promote the campaign

o Youth Employment in Sport – minimum 4 National Meetings to disseminate results and key messages

4.     Fourth Step – Conclude:

Dissemination via platform/newsletters/reports

Final evaluation meeting will gather 12 people (partner representatives) to present results and statements for the future to stakeholders.

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