YOUth Lead Peace

The project will strengthen cooperation on peace and security among youth activists in participating countries by providing a platform for constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas and opinions.

The priority of the project is to give young people skills and space to express their vision of peace and security in their communities, their views on current affairs as well as their suggestions for resolving community issues. “YOUth lead Peace” aims then to create a community of young people preventing violent extremism and promoting Human Rights in their local communities. For this purpose, our main references and resources in this journey will be Human Rights Education and Dr. King’s fundamental philosophy of Nonviolence.

The main tools we will use to achieve our goal are Non Formal Education and Peer Education. Through this project we expect to reach the following objectives:

1. Elaborate and disseminate new approach based on non-formal education methodology, peacebuilding and security, human right approach as well as the Kingian non-violence approach.
2. Train 24 youth workers and provide them with knowledge and skills on peacebuilding and non-violence youth work that they will be able to disseminate through local activities in their respective countries.
3.Organize workshops and events for the communities on local levels to reach more young people and raise awareness on topics of peace and non-violence. Moreover, giving them the tools to promote HR and prevent violent extremism.
4.Provide online and offline spaces for dialogue on issues of security and peace on both community and international level through digital communication, mobility and online activities.
5. Putting the bases for the Youth Rights Defenders Committee in all participating organizations to continue follow-up activities in the field of youth and peace.

Did you follow the training path of our group of YLP Peace Builders? In the last weeks the guys realised activities to build peace starting from their local communities. Actions were realised in Italy, Lebanon, France, Lybia, Germany, Tunisia, Spain and Palestine, with the aim of empowering the local collectives through an educational and learning journey, based on Non-formal Education, Human Rights Education and Kingian Nonviolence Principles.

We collected the experiences of the 8 national groups in a interactive-Toolkit, explaining step by step how the activities were realised and what are the challenges and obstacles to look out for



01/05/2022 - 31/12/2023


Valencia (Spain)
Djerba (Tunisia)

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