Yes, We Kenya!

The project aims to create a pool of 21 trainers able to use NFE and HRE methodology to promote active citizenship, social inclusion and democratic values in different contexts.

The project

“Yes, We KENya!” aims to give its contribution in fostering cooperation between Europe and Kenya.

The activities will enhance the quality and recognition of youth work to favor youth empowerment as a way to address social challenges.

The project aims to create a pool of 21 trainers able to use NFE methodology to promote active citizenship, social inclusion and democratic values in different contexts.

Youth often encounter difficulties in accessing education, employment, social protection and full access to civil and political rights, limiting their potential.

There is a great need for specific protection to tackle discrimination against the youth. And to remove the barriers that stop them from accessing their rights.

Also in Italy and Spain, despite the European diffusion of several programmes for youth participation, there is still the need to work and educate youth in active participation in society through NFE.

Considering young people as strategic players in the future of society, the purpose of “Yes,WeKENya!” is creating a sustainable cooperation between Africa and Europe in the youth field.

The activities

Through activities, we will train Kenyan, Italian and Spanish young people to become active players, promoting active citizenship, social inclusion and democratic values in different contexts.

Participation in the activities will allow young people to:

-Improve their social, civic and linguistic skills
-Increase their cultural baggage
-Develop soft skills and competence on using IT platform for online education
-Learning to learn, manage, mediate, solve conflicts and difficult situations
-Work in teams and in interpersonal contexts
-Practice active listening and mutual respect
-Develop mediation skills and critical thinking
-Develop project management and networking skills Another important element is the location of the TC

To know more check the official website of Yes,We KEnya!

Download here the final toolkit –> ToolKit_YWK 2021

Watch the final educational video here –> Link to the Youtube channel



01/10/2019 - 01/12/2021


Nairobi (Kenya)
Sassari (Italy)

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