Solidarity and volunteering to grow together

10 months ESC in one of 3 different offices of AICEM around Italy

The objectives of the project are:

  • Improve youth employment prospects and support the personal and professional development of volunteers;
  • Improve relationship skills such as effective communication, public speaking, negotiation, time management, body language, leadership, critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Provide volunteers with the opportunity to develop and implement ideas and non-formal education activities for young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, present in the territories of destination;
  • Promote and enhance active citizenship and strengthen the sharing of values common to European civil society;
  • Promote the ESC program, the Erasmus + program so that other young people can participate.

The activities that will be carried out throughout the period know of different types that fall into four major thematic areas:

  • Support for the management of the association
  • Planning and implementation of educational activities
  • Acquisition of online and offline communication skills, creation of strategies for their use and implementation
  • Design. The activities that the volunteers will implement especially with the youngest will be carried out through the use of the non-formal education methodology.



01/05/2020 - 31/10/2021


Sassari (Italy)
Mugnano di Napoli (Italy)
Brattirò di Drapia (Italy)

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