Euromediterranean Girl Power

EUROMEDITERRANEAN GIRL POWER (EUROMED GRL PWR) is a capacity building path for youth workers, educators and youth leaders enabling girls and young women in Euro Mediterranean areas in leading their equal participation in society

The project proposal enhances the cooperation among Spain, Palestine, Italy and Tunisia.

It favours the empowerment of girls and young women to enhance their capacity of leading their equal participation in society.

Partners aim to:

-create and test an app with an educational programme which favours the development of girls and young women in three dimensions: personal and private as a human, entrepreneurial and professional for their career development and civic as active citizen

-train 20 youth workers to spread the programme and test the app in their reality before launching it

There is a big need, in the considered contexts, for empowering competencies and give access to rights.

So, we expect that the educational app and the 20 trained youth workers from the 4 countries will facilitate girls and young women to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude to become autonomous and start actions of changes in their society.

Starting from initiating and managing their own private, professional and civic initiative.



10/12/2020 - 28/02/2023


Nablus (Palestina)

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Finanziato da

Erasmus + programme
Erasmus+ Programme
Regione Sardegna