Peace Express: Connecting formal and Non-Formal education for Peace

On December 10th, Peace Express: Connection formal and Non-Formal Education for Peace was launched in Sassari. This is a new project, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in the field of peace building, nonviolence and human rights that will be carried on by Aicem in 2024.

Peace Express can definitely be considered the prosecution of a journey started in 2021. When crossing path with the Kingian methodology, and with the support of Dr Paul Bueno De Mesquita from the URI Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, AICEM started using Non-Formal Education, Human Rights Education and nonviolence philosophy in concordance. After concentrating on the mediterranean area through YOUth Lead Peace, Peace Starts with YOUth was ideated as a follow-up for connecting with the Western Balkans. Now again, we will be working with an enlarged partnership in the same area, to further implement the program and broaden its impact. The organisations involved are OBOTI NGO (Kosova), Beyond Barriers Association (Albania), Fondacija UčiMo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Irig moj grad (Serbia), National Students Assembly (North Macedonia).

Objectives of the project

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the dissemination of culture and values of human rights, peace and reconciliation in the Western Balkans through involvement of local youth educational networks in participating countries. 

Specific objectives of the project are:

1. Increase skills and knowledge of educators from participating countries on NFE, HRE from Council of Europe and Kingian non-violence approach and empower them to integrate the approaches in their daily work.
2. Improve quality of educational methods on peace, reconciliation and HR promotion in local educational settings in participating countries.
3. Strengthen cooperation on the topic among existing partners and open it to newcomers committed to work on peace, reconciliation and HR promotion.

To do so, a training for 24 educators from formal and non-formal sectors of education on NFE, HRE and Kingian non-violence approach is at the center of the project. After a “training for trainers” participants will be able to create so-called educational “pills” containing HRE and Kingian approaches and to integrate them into their daily work in the education field. This structure of the project will allow us to reach more people from different target groups (children, adolescents, young people) and disseminate good practices within local educational sectors.

Keep following us to know more and to take part into our activities for peace in 2024!

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