ENGSO EWS Committee for Equality in Sport

How to support equality and promote Human Rights?

How to support equality and promote Human Rights? This is a question we’re always resonating on, here in AICEM. For this reason, we often look for valuable examples and best practices that can support our everyday work. And, being June, what better and more specific focus can we have if not the LGBTQI+ rights?

The LGBTQI Equality Strategy of EC

Did you know that the European Commission adopted on 12 November 2020 the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025? A strategy born with the ultimate goal of preserving our European unity and social, political and economic strength, all coming from our diversity. Equality and non-discrimination are core values and fundamental rights in the EU, and nonetheless discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people persists throughout the EU.

“For several LGBTIQ people in the EU, it is still unsafe to show affection publicly, to be open about their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (be it at home or at work), to simply be themselves without feeling to be threatened.”

So it’s clear that, along with the strategy, we must take action on that and use our activities and work to fight discriminations and inequalities. And also take from the good examples already existing the inspiration to build more actions and connections to reach the goal.

ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee

Talking about realities in the sport field, that work actively through advocacy work, education and awareness-raising, strengthening cooperation to activate and inspire European sport organisations to act on equality, we present today the ENGSO Equality Within Sport (EWS) Committee.The Committee borns with the idea that everyone should be able to practise sport safely and freely, no matter his or her level. So it commits to work with Sport entities and inspire them in the promotion of opportunities in all levels and sectors of sport. Their 4 main areas of work are: LGBTQI+, socio economic background, disability and health.

“Only by reaching equality, we can use the full potential in sport.”

In occasion of the 3oth ENGSO General Assembly, hosted by the Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee on 27-29 May, the Committee presented and discussed the action plan to promote the EC LGBTQI+ strategy 2020-2025.

After an update on the latest activities and an equality quiz to set the terms of the conversation, they talked about their next project: a research about “equality within sport in the LGBTQI+ community”.

The research will start with a questionnaire (for quantitative and qualitative data) and interview (for more qualitative data) surveys with focus on LBTQI+ women.
The final document will be a great starting point for the work of sport federations, sport clubs, coaches and PE teachers.

Many are the areas that will be researched:
-Integration of LGBTQI+ community in decision making
-Involvement in sport jobs
-Physical health improvements through sport
-Sport and mental health
-Physical closeness “after” pandemic
-The power of role models
-Diversity trainings
-Tackling verbal insults, structural discrimination, e-bullying, physical violence
-The impact of Covid-19

EWS next Webinar

So, are you ready to stand up for equality for the LGBTQI+ community in sport? We definitely are and, to know more about how to have an impact on that, we’re not missing the EWS next Webinar held online on June 29th, h15.00 CEST (Brussels).
Registrations are still open!

“Barriers to participation, violence, discrimination, and outrageously low number of incidents being reported: the European sport movement can do better to be a welcoming and safe place for all. The LGBTQI+ community was harshly impacted by the restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic; what role can sport play in the recovery process? “

*Ph courtesy of ENGSO*

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