My EVS JOURNEY: 4th month – EZGI


Past 4 months was full of learning experiences. I have participated in summer camp with children in which I prepared games and other non-formal education techniques to teach English to children ages between 5 to 10. I have participated in Fridays for Future Global Strike.I have gained knowledge on Sustainable Development Goals and shared my knowledge with other young university students at Rome’s Sapienza University campus together with other local and international volunteers. I have seen how AICEM creates a social media strategy and visuals as a NGO. I have been part of KA1 project writing sessions. Especially my newly acquired skills on sustainable way of living have made significant changes in my life style and general perspective.


Besides I have met friendly local volunteers and workers in my office, I have travelled all around Italy with international volunteers that I have met during my arrival training at Rome. I had a chance to travel from Sicilia to Bolzano to visit other volunteers.  Although I am coming from a Mediterranean country ‘Turkey’, Italy surprised me with its weather condition especially when i go to southern parts. It is hotter than I have imagined (: I loved how sunny it is most of the time.


All in all, living an experience abroad with EVS opportunity creates life-long friendships and teach a lot about life, teamworking, organising my work and communicating in a very different context and culture,  committing myself for a good reason. I feel very grateful for being in Rome and discovering such interesting  city full of treasure and history.

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