In need of some more resources to organize your activities? Well, many are the institutions and organizations that can help you!

First, of course, the Council of Europe. Did you know that CoE published many manuals to help you navigate the concept of HR at different levels?

Here follow some suggestions for you!



📍Bookmarks: A manual for combating Hate Speech online through Human Rights Education

📍Education Pack: All different – All equals. Ideas, resources, methods and activities for non-formal intercultural education with young people and adults

📍Gender Matters: A manual on addressing gender-based violence affecting young people



👉🏼👉🏼 Click here to reach our folder, full of useful manuals.


Not just institutions, but also the contribution of our organization!

AICEM, infact, decided to create a game to talk and discover Human Rights in a practical way…by readapting a game that everybody know!

Here is for you the HR-Memory 👇🏼👇🏾👇🏿

Click here to download it, ready to be printed and played!



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