This course and the resources you will find within have been collected in the framework of “Euromed Girl Power”: the project aims to promote the empowerment of girls and young women to enhance their capacity of leading their equal participation in society in different countries and realities all around the world.

Cooperation between the 4 initial partners stems from the fact that, despite their different local contexts, they all share the same issues regarding the number of young women employed or heading or founding companies and organisations or in decision-making positions, which is very limited compared to the number of men, additionally even in private environments women keep being the most discriminated when comes to access their fundamental rights.

Overall, there is a big need for empowering competencies and give access to rights. For this reason we thought as fundamental the idea of collecting resources that will facilitate girls and young women to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude to become autonomous and start actions of changes in their society such initiating and managing their own private, professional and civic initiative, becoming multipliers.

Considering all the resources collected and needs identified, we decided to make them available to anyone who wants to carry out training actions on the topic of women’s empowerment.

The project and therefore also the course are focused on 3 key topics for women’s empowerment:


-personal development;

-active participation in society.