La mia esperienza ESC – Capitolo 2

Let’s continue…I’m still Ksenia and I’m still in Rome!

Many people flew to Rome from all over the world and at the airport I spent more than 1.5 hours in a giant queue at passport control 🙂 But, as soon as I approached the passport control officers, I realized: “My adventure has really begun.” “CIAO BELLA COME STAI”
These were the first Italian words I heard 🙂

Then, we finally got to know Linda, one of my tutors, personally for the first time.

It’s a new feeling to chat with a person on Facebook, on Skype and finally see her! 🙂 Linda showed me the apartment, showed me a shop near the house, helped buy groceries, told about transport cards and left me to rest after the road 🙂

At that moment I realized that the AICEM team was very supportive of me!


What did I do?

In the first month I was mainly engaged in office work, did a lot of design for projects, and was already in the «fields».

At the end of my second week of stay, part of AICEM’s team and I flew to Sardinia to complete the project for young people called “The power of thousand young’s stories!”.

Young people reflected on their views on human rights and learned to express their beliefs by creating video clips.

It was amazing for me to touch the life of young people in the south of Italy. And even more surprising was my sense of involvement in the fact that thanks to the AICEM team. They found new methods of manifesting themselves in the world!

The next nearest “Big deal” was the April Deadline for projects in the ERASMUS + program.
During this time, I did a lot of small tasks that were comfortable for me, which were important for the team and allowed me to immerse myself in the activities of the organization :).

And then (after a month of my stay in Italy) something happened that no one could even fantasize about.

Stay tuned!

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