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The Youth Goals are 11 macro-goals identified by the boys and girls of the EU Member States, with respect to cross-cutting issues impacting on their lives.

During a process of dialogues and consultations called ‘Structured Dialogue’, involving 48,000 young people from youth organisations across Europe and national and European institutions, which took place between 2017 and 2018 (i.e. during the sixth of the 18-month dialogue cycles set by the EU Council of Youth Ministers), the European Union was able to define its priorities with respect to its young people in a participatory and shared process.

The problem

The EU Youth Strategy contributes to realising this vision for young people by mobilising strategic instruments at European and then national, regional and local level.

When it comes to young people and making decisions that affect their lives, institutions at all levels usually turn to experts who talk about young people, not involving young people directly. This often leads to the adoption of norms, rules and programmes that are far removed from the real needs of young people and thus a non-response to their problems.

This is why the structured dialogue exists and why young people are called upon to decide together with the institutions and why the 11 common EU-wide youth objectives were created.

Our Work with Youth Goals

AICEM contributes to the work of youth goals through:

The Strategy of the EU

The identification of these priorities made it possible to develop the EU Youth Strategy 2019/2027, providing a framework for collaboration on the topic at European level.

Three are the key points of the EU Youth Strategy: Mobilise, Connect, Empower.


Indeed, this process aims at the empowerment of young people and the possibility for them to make the most of the potential offered at European level by youth policies.

The 11 Youth Goals promote the participation of young people in democratic life, support their social and civic engagement and aim to ensure that all young people have the necessary resources to take part in the society in which they live.

All this represents and is completely in line with AICEM’s mission and values. And this is why, since their publication, our association has been committed to disseminating the strategy and objectives on several levels, seeking to be a support for young people and thus accompanying them in the active implementation of the changes they want to make in their communities.

A specific resolution on the strategy was approved and published in all EU languages.


1. Connecting the EU and young people – Promoting young people’s sense of belonging to the European project and building a bridge between the EU and young people

2. Gender Equality – Ensuring gender equality and gender-related approaches in all areas of a young person’s life.

3. Inclusive societies – Enabling and ensuring the inclusion of all young people in society.

4. Information and constructive dialogue – Ensure that young people have access to reliable information, support their critical capacity and engage in participatory and constructive dialogue.

5. Mental health and well-being – Achieve better mental well-being and end the stigmatisation of mental health problems.

6. Support for young people in rural areas – Creating conditions that enable young people to realise their potential in rural areas.

7. Quality jobs for all – Ensuring an accessible labour market towards the creation of quality jobs for all young people.

8. Quality learning – Integrating and improving different forms of learning, equipping young people to meet the challenges of a changing life.

9. Space and participation for all – Strengthening democratic participation and autonomy and providing dedicated spaces for young people in all areas of society.

10. Sustainable Green Europe – Achieve a society in which all young people are active, educated and able to make a difference in their daily lives.

11. Youth organisations and European programmes – Ensure equal access to youth organisations and European programmes for all young people, building a society based on European values and identity.

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