Who we are

AICEM is a non-profit organization, born, developed and managed by young volunteers with the aim of spreading and defending values and human rights.

The intent of the association is to work in a capillary way so that the change is effective and it reaches deeply, within the social fabric, and the local realities of our volunteers and contexts that need and require the support of AICEM.

We believe that “education” is the “key” word and the common thread of all projects: for this reason, the main target of our activities is young and very young people.

AICEM stands for the

International Association for Education and Cooperation in the World

Through the realization of national and international activities, we intend to give voice and space to young people.

For this reason, we promote a change from below that passes from the transmission of knowledge and skills, always starting from the needs, ideas, and dreams of our members and volunteers.


Foster/create safe spaces within which children and youth from all over the world can develop skills, abilities, and competencies to actively participate in their societies and implement their ideas and proposals for change to make their communities better.


Living in a world where all children and young people have a real opportunity to fulfill their potential and find their role in society, actively contributing to the sustainable development of their communities.

AICEM supports its activities mainly through participation in public and private funding calls and more rarely through private donations, and fundraising campaigns. It also recognizes the importance of communication to achieve the goals and objectives of the association and therefore it is also committed to producing information “slow” and reliable through the newspaper of which it is the publisher OpenMag to use, in a synergistic but responsible way, the new social media, knowing that the correct and conscious use of the information and relational flows that travel on the global Internet can be the key to a better future.

AICEM is committed to supporting the personal, professional, and emotional growth of each of its associates. To achieve this goal each member is invited to think, develop, promote, and manage its own social project, in line with the statutory mandate with the support of the whole structure. Each member is also invited to support with their knowledge and skills the projects and activities of other members.