You(th)rope: youth active citizens of Europe

You(th)rope è un’attività di scambio giovanile durante cui i partecipanti possano condividere le proprie esperienze ed acquisire conoscenze e competenze che gli consentano di esercitare attivamente diritti e doveri legati alla cittadinanza europea e di diventare attori di un processo di avvicinamento dei cittadini all’Europa.

“You(th)rope” will involve 25 young people (+ 5 group leaders) from 5 countries: Italy, Spain, Croatia, Germany and France.

Main aim is to involve them in an exchange activity lasting 5 days, to know each other and discuss the topic of European citizenship.

In particular, they will be reflecting on the rights and duties associated with it.

Through this process, the participants will be able to acquire skills and tools that allow them to consciously exercise their role as active citizens.

They will be able to become actors in a process aiming to bring citizens closer to Europe, as a result.

The activities will be based on the use of non-formal education methodology and the young participants will be the protagonists in all phases of the project.

In line with the New European Youth Strategy, it will contribute to:

•Mobilize: fostering civic, social and cultural participation of young people in their local context and in Europe
•Connect: promoting the exchange of experiences as a fundamental resource for solidarity and the future development of the European Union
•Encourage: young people to take charge of their lives



01/01/2020 - 30/06/2021


Brattirò di Drapia (Italy)

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