Be Sustainable

“Be Sustainable” is a youth exchange with the aim of stimulating young people interest in sustainable development, in particular in the tourism sector, spread the importance of protecting the environment and growing citizens awareness about the topic.

“Be SustainAble” is a project created with the aim of promoting  youth initiative within sustainable tourism entrepreneurship.

Young participants will be the protagonists of all the activities carried out during all the phases of the exchange.

From preparation to development to follow-up, they will be able to understand firsthand how to undertake new paths and projects. They will be encouraged to get involved in the social, community and, in particular, working field.

In fact, one of the goals we want to achieve is to increase youths’ self-esteem: so that they can be more competitive in the world of work and improve their employment prospects.

The Youth Exchange arises from the need to:

-promote sustainable development and tourism

-encourage the exchange of ideas and good practices (with respect to youth entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable tourism)

-sensitize young people on the possibility of actively acting in their territories contributing to sustainable development



01/05/2020 - 30/04/2022


Terracina (Italy)

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