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Donations to AICEM are tax deductible for both individuals and companies.

With an online donation you can support AICEM in any way you like. With a one-off donation you can choose to support a single campaign or a particular service or guarantee our intervention in particular contexts of need. With a recurring donation you can guarantee the development or activation of medium to long-term projects.

You can help us now with an online donation

More ways to donate

Donating your 5X1000 to AICEM is as simple as extending a hand. You can do it through the different tax return forms (Certificazione Unica, 730, Unico).

Donating 5×1000 does not cost you anything and is not an alternative to 8×1000 or 2×1000.

1. Fill in the 730 form, the cu, or the modello unico

2. Sign in the box marked “support for volunteering…”

3. Enter Aicem’s tax code under your signature: 97547350583

Bank of reference: Intesa San Paolo

BANK LOCATION: Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10, 20121, Milan

IBAN: IT47 V030 6909 6061 0000 0122 839


CF: 97547350583

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