Code of ethics and values

The Association’s projects and objectives are carried out under the umbrella of Aicem’s code of ethics, which highlights and respects specific values and principles.

The spirit of the Association originates in the full respect for the human, cultural, and spiritual dimension of the person and in the safeguarding of universal constitutional principles.

These values and principles are the compass in every project of the Association and ensuring that our activities are carried out following these principles is a priority for us.

Our goal

The Association aims to contribute to the harmonious and integrated development of the communities with which it cooperates.

AICEM aims to pursue the purpose of social solidarity and to bring benefits to disadvantaged people because of their physical, mental, economic and family conditions, also engaging in cooperation for sustainable development through education, research and training, both nationally and internationally.


We respect the fundamental rights of all peoples, as provided by the Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, through paths aimed at spreading the culture of solidarity through channels of information, awareness and education.


We efficiently manage the funds raised and we are accountable to all of our donors, both institutional and private.


We operate in total independence from private interests, government policies and religious confessions.


We realize projects valuing the structures, the economic resources, and the personnel, with the objective of a concrete and durable development in the territories of interest.


We pursue the continuous improvement of our skills and capabilities by refining methods and operational strategies that are capable of implementing innovative and increasingly effective approaches.


We involve local institutions, communities, associations, and organizations to analyze the problems and identify the most appropriate solutions while respecting the cultures, customs, and traditions of the beneficiaries.


We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our interventions, we analyze the qualities and the capacity of the partners in order to ensure an always better realization of the projects.


We spread the acquired skills so that both the operators and the beneficiaries of the interventions can enjoy and enrich them.

Respect of diversity

The gratuity in carrying out activities and providing services to our communities is a deep awareness of the importance of everyone’s commitment to everybody’s development, without exploitation and in full respect of the dimension of the person.


The political need to fight to remove the causes that generate circuits of marginalization and discrimination, with particular reference to minors and young people, putting the young person at the center through the search for new forms of cooperation.


The need to pursue, through community action, the collaboration between social classes, disadvantaged people, and all actors of civil and institutional society, even in developing countries, to achieve participatory and real social change.


We are guided by a direct commitment in civil society to enforce respect for the human person and protect his/her rights, life, and health; to foster mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation, and lasting peace among all peoples.