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Welcome to the Course!

This short course aims to provide theoretical lessons in a dynamic form, combinating written parts, videos, quizzes and short practical exercises.

The aim is to learn some basic but fundamental concepts,  that will be the basis for the continuation of the project and the special key to enter the world of entrepreneurship!

The present course in divided into 12 brief modules, where you will get in touch with the following topics: 

To be completed before the second video conference.

  1. Context and Reality Activity
  2. Human Rights and Gender Perspective
  3. SDGS Activity
  4. Who is an entrepreneur?
  5. Effective Communication and Public Speaking
  6. Entrepreneurship a gender perspective

To be completed before the last video conference.

  1.  The business plan
  2.  Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship  
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Digital marketing and social media
  5. Learn the basic online platforms in order to create multimedia contents on Social Media
  6.  Leadership and management of human resources
  7. Time and Task Organization

Seems a lot?

Don’t worry, you will always be supported by the Trainers all along the project, and all the topics will be mastered during the video conferences and the presential part of the project.

If you have any questions or needs connected to the use of the module, you can write an email to the trainers.

Have a good start!