Hello! My name is Ksusha and I am a volunteer at Aicem.

How did I get to AIСEM? Why I chose Rome and Italy?

I was born and spent most of my life in Russia. Since 2013, I have been engaged in international projects aimed at creating “open mind”, democratic views and intercultural dialogue among young people. For me, these topics are the heart of Human Rights.

I already knew about Erasmus + programs, and my organization helped me draw attention to the projects of partner organizations!

Rome – Homeland of Human Rights. Roman law is the source of democracy in the form in which we respect it today. I saw the “application filing” from AICEM and on the same day I wrote a CV and a sincerely tearful motivation letter. A few days later I was invited to an interview.

What helped me get through the interview?

  • Honestly, I do not know! I was interviewed with Sarah and Linda and they were as friendly and open as possible! They answered my questions in detail and asked questions about me, my experience of participating in various programs.
    I think the following helped me:
  • I was MYSELF and as open as possible.
  • I understood my goals and objectives for participating in the project.
  • I really have a big buzz. Great motivation to participate!
    A few days later I received a positive response and we quickly and quickly began to prepare documents for a visa!

February 3, my plane landed in Rome.

Ksusha, la nostra volontaria del Corpo Europeo di Solidarietà

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